Baroness Newlove to investigate CICA and vulnerable victims

An investigation into the role of the CICA is to be carried out in Spring 2018 led by Baroness Newlove, Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is accused of denying payouts to child survivors of sexual abuse by suggesting they “consented” to it.

Sex with a child under 16 is illegal. Consent cannot be given by a child. It is estimated 30 claims each year are refused on these grounds. In addition the CICA have refused claims from pre 1979 where children have been living with their abuser. The reason for this rule was to prevent the perpetrator from benefiting from the compensation awarded to the victim.  Figures supplied by the CICA suggest 180 of these have been refused in the last 2 years.

Children’s Charities, campaigners and lawyers are pushing for radical changes in this area so that worthy victims are compensated appropriately and properly. This money can help to rebuild lives.

BBC Report – Sex abuse victims failed by criminal payout scheme

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