Serious Injury

Serious Injury

If you have suffered a serious injury as a result of an accident then your injuries may be life changing.  You may have a physical injury such as a spinal injury, brain injury or multiple disabilities.  You may also have psychological trauma, such as anxiety or depression.

Treatment of your injuries may require you to spend considerable periods of time in hospital or a rehabilitation centre or even need your home adapting to suit your needs.  Your ability to work or study may be affected and also any income.  You may need family or friends or outside carers to look after you.  The simplest of tasks become hard or even impossible. In short, that one accident has turned your life upside down.

Your injuries will seem obvious at first and will be treated from the very beginning and the path to rehabilitation started soon after.  But sometimes there are injuries that are not apparent at first, not even in the first few months. They can be complex, deep seated and very debilitating.  Many incidents of brain damage after an accident are discrete. The signs are very subtle and often not noticed by you, but only by those who know you well.  They include changes in mood or behaviour and short term memory loss.  If you suffered a head, neck or spinal injury you may suffer from blackouts, seizures, loss of movement and pain in unrelated parts of the body. Getting a diagnosis can be a long and drawn out process.  It can take months or sometimes years to receive full treatment.

When making a claim, it is important that you instruct specialist solicitors that understand the complexities of serious injury, and the other conditions and issues that come with it. They should have experience in the rehabilitation process and the dynamics of your recovery as you start to heal. They need to understand the insurance industry, medical and rehabilitation services, the financial implications of your accident.

Your solicitor must ensure that your medical, financial and support needs are met, not just now but for the future. Recovery from a serious accident is not quick.  Compensation for a serious accident can be several million pounds, depending on how badly you are injured.  That compensation is to enable you to receive the care you need now and in the future.

You have the right to choose any solicitor you want to represent you. You do not have to use who your insurer, union or employer suggest. Using the wrong solicitor can leave you without the money you need and deserve.  You only have one chance to get your claim right.  We have years of experience helping and supporting clients who have acquired serious injuries and the subsidiary conditions and issues they create.

If you would like to discuss making a claim for compensation following a serious injury from a road traffic accident, accident at work or an accident that has taken place in other surroundings, please contact the Serious Injury team on 0161 615 5554 or by email to