Your Organ Donation Choices

There is currently a message being widely shared on social media, which says “I don’t want to be buried with a single organ in my body. Give them to a child that has spent more time inside the hospital than outside playing. My eyes will give a grandma vision to see her grandchildren. My lungs will give a teenager the breath to dance the night away at prom. My heart will beat in another mother’s chest to see her children grow up”.

Whilst you may be emotionally moved by this post and possibly inclined to share it, would these be your wishes?

Our choices regarding organ donation when we are no longer here is something that we should give great consideration to and our decisions shared with our loved ones. If you had not discussed your wishes or made an official record of these, your loved ones would potentially be faced with making the decision on your behalf in the event of your death, potentially causing further distress at an already upsetting time.

There are approximately 6,000 people across the UK currently requiring an organ transplant, demonstrating how vital our decisions are. Whether organ donation is or is not the right option for you, you should ensure that this is expressed to others.

Many people who have registered as donors carry an organ donation card with them to ensure that their wishes are known. Other people insert clauses into their Will, expressing their wishes in relation to donation. Unfortunately, a Will is often not read until a point after which decisions regarding organ donation need to be made, and therefore these wishes could potentially be missed until it is too late for the organs to be used.

Whilst it may be uncomfortable to consider a time when we are no longer here and to discuss this with friends and relatives, this conversation could potentially be life saving to someone else, whilst also ensuring your wishes are respected.

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