Would your loved one know your wishes?

Talking about dying can be a difficult conversation for many people to have, but without telling someone what you would want to happen in the event of your death, how would they know they were following your wishes?

If you died suddenly would your family and friends know whether you would want to be buried or cremated? Do they know where you wish to be buried or where your ashes should be scattered? If you haven’t left them any instructions how can they be sure that they are doing the right thing for you?

Without instructions being left, your relatives and friends will have to deal with these decisions at a time when they are grieving and distressed. They might never be sure they have done the right thing.

A Will can set out your wishes, ensuring that not only are your wishes followed, but that your loved ones do not have to deal with the uncertainty and concern that the decisions they make for you are what you would want to happen.

You can set out your instructions for your funeral including music choices and readings or prose. You can also set aside money for a wake or gathering. You can also update this information if you change your mind in future. The most important thing is to get it written down and for your solicitor to draft the Will so that your wishes are clear and your loved ones can follow them for you.

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