The World Cup – What did it mean to you?

The summer of 2018 will be one that most people will remember for what seemed like endless days of sunshine and football fever. – When the question “Could England actually win?” seemed to form part of every conversation and the excitement created a buzz across the country.

However, this time held a different meaning and emotion for some…. It marked a period of fear, concern and pain as a result of domestic violence.

Sadly, during the World Cup, Police in England and Wales saw a significant increase in reports of domestic violence, with over 60 incidents being reported following the semi-final match alone. In total, 239 domestic abuse incidents reported during this time were aligned to England fixtures in the tournament.

Whilst it may be anticipated that incidents of domestic violence would be linked with the team’s success this is not the case. – Emotions certainly ran high throughout the tournament which was in some instances further fuelled by alcohol consumption and gambling activity.

Campaigns were launched prior to the tournament that focused on challenging and eliminating potential incidents however, it is concerning to see that the number of reported domestic abuse cases far exceeded those documented during Euro 2016.

Victoria Price, Head of Personal Injury commented:

“During what was a period of excitement and celebration for the country, it is concerning to see that such high numbers of people were victim to domestic abuse, often suffering in silence.

There is no excuse for domestic violence and this cannot be tolerated. Whilst no amount of compensation will change what has happened to you, this could help you pay for private treatment to overcome the effects of what you have been through”.

If you have been the victim of domestic violence and would like to speak to a solicitor who is specialised in personal injury and assault, please contact us, in complete confidence on 0161 615 5554. All initial consultations are free of charge.