Wills And Probate Myth Busters – Myth #6

Urban myths and misconceptions about Wills, probate and inheritance have been around for generations. But have you stopped to think about whether there is any truth to any of them?

Myth #6: If I make a Will, I’m “tempting fate”.

The Facts:

We can only speculate why people believe this. However you can rest assured that this is pure superstition and so is not at all correct.

The reality, of course, is that having a Will, or not having one, makes absolutely no difference to your life expectancy.

When we make a Will, we are brought face to face with our own mortality. Imagining a world without you in it is neither easy nor pleasant and many people find this difficult and distressing.

By not making a Will, we can put off having to think about such unpleasant things. However the answers to the question of who will inherit your money and possessions without a Will in place may not be the answers you want to hear.

The only way you can be certain that your estate will pass to those you wish is to put a Will in place.

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