Why do I need a Court of Protection Expert Report?

In cases where a Claimant lacks mental capacity to manage their property and financial affairs, Court of Protection costs are bound to feature.  If you require expert evidence on Court of Protection costs for use in civil claims, it is crucially important that you have the right expert on board.  Tom Young is ideally placed to provide the evidence that you require.

Tom has extensive experience and expertise in managing complex deputyships, with a particular emphasis on clients who have received – or will receive – awards in utmost severity personal injury and clinical negligence claims.  In addition, Tom has a thorough grounding in subtle brain injury cases and cases involving fluctuating capacity.  Tom is also well versed in the practical and procedural requirements of an expert and is well used to providing deputyship costs evidence for the courts.

No two cases are ever the same and no two deputyships are ever exactly alike.  Every case and every Claimant will have features that are unique to them.  Tom believes that the best, most authoritative deputyship costs evidence can only come from an expert who thoroughly understands the Claimant’s medical, financial, social, family and cultural circumstances as well as their wishes, feelings and aspirations, no matter what they might be, nor how achievable or realistic (or not) they may appear to others.  There are almost limitless factors that will influence the costs of any deputyship.  It is only by gaining a deep understanding of all the facts of each case – and the needs and wishes of the Claimant and those around them – that evidence can be prepared that does justice to the specific, unique circumstances of any matter.

Tom has extensive experience of deputyship costs evidence gathered by both Claimants and Defendants in personal injury/clinical negligence litigation.  Tom provides evidence that is neither formulaic nor speculative; neither pro forma nor cluttered with superfluous padding.  Tom delivers robust, tailored, high quality, rigorous, well-reasoned evidence to assist the Court and the parties.  Tom takes seriously the duties of independence owed under Part 35 and is able to deliver evidence reflecting the very highest standards demanded by the CPR and expected within the fora in which he provides evidence.

Tom firmly believes that the best evidence emerges in cases where expert input is provided at an early stage.  He is very happy to discuss requirements with instructing solicitors, or solicitors and counsel, as required.

Tom is assisted by Sam Firth.  Sam has a lengthy background in litigation and his Court of Protection work encompasses considerable and wide-ranging experience of Claimant and Defendant deputyship costs evidence.  He brings with him a wealth of practical knowledge from both sides of the litigation fence.

If you would like to discuss instructing Tom, please contact him on 07507 875558 or Sam on 07508 89860, by email to cop@psg-law.co.uk or via the livechat function.