Who wants to live (on Facebook) forever?

Facebook; the social media site used by 2.27 billion people each month. The site where we share memories, thoughts, pictures, develop friendships and have conversations with friends and loved ones. But what happens to our profiles when we are no longer here? Would you want to keep yours open forever or for it close when you die?

Interaction and engagement on social media has become an integral part of how so many people of all ages communicate today, in most cases replacing time-old letter writing habits. Do you think it is nice to be able to look at someone’s post forever and to be reminded of their funny comments and their good and bad times or does this not appeal to you? What do you want to happen to your pages?

Facebook has introduced ‘Legacy’ settings to allow users to specify what they wish to happen to their accounts in the event of their death. This setting allows a nominated contact of yours to memorialise your Facebook account i.e. keep it going forever,  to delete it or deactivate it in the event of your death.  You can also opt for the legacy contact to be able to download an archive of pictures, posts and profile information.

Whilst it can be uncomfortable for some of us to consider our own mortality, would your loved ones know your wishes regarding your social media profile? Do they know how to access your settings if you die? Do they know whether you would wish to have a record of this kept for future generations to look back on?

With social media and other digital assets playing such a pivotal role in our lives why not consider including instructions in your Will about what happens to your social media accounts? You could even create a dedicated social media will.

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