When summer sun is not so fun

It’s summer time… a time when groups of friends, families, couples and individuals travel abroad in search of sun, sea and sangria. A time for escaping the British weather to spend time relaxing, exploring or even partying. – Making memories that last a lifetime.

Unfortunately however, for some people, their summer holiday memories aren’t always positive ones. This summer will sadly see some people become the victim of a physical or sexual assault, leaving them with physical and psychological injuries and traumatic memories. – This can be a life changing experience.

In some circumstances, an attack abroad may be followed with challenges in engaging with emergency services. Whilst European countries have now adopted the use of 112 for contacting the emergency services, outside of Europe this is not the case. Language barriers and a lack of knowledge of the emergency services response can also be a challenge in accessing the support you may need following an assault.

This can be a distressing experience, not only the attack itself but the days following, when seeking much needed support, physically, emotionally and in accessing the criminal justice system.

Many people would rather come home and try to forget about what happened and not get involved with the police abroad, however an assault can have a lasting impact on you and you family, both physically and psychologically and can sadly impact all aspects of your life.

British holidaymakers who are the victim of a criminal injury whilst abroad can claim compensation via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. – If you are successful this money will be paid as a lump sum  to compensate for your physical and psychological injuries.  It can also assist with obtaining support for rehabilitation in the long term. However, it is vital that you report what happened to the local police as soon as possible so that they can investigate and you must cooperate with their investigations.

Keep important numbers with you when you are away – such as the police and medical services, so you know who to call. If you have a travel rep then contact them straight away and ask them for their help. They will know what to do. Also keep your European Health Insurance Card up to date and with you in case you need medical attention. Keep details of your travel insurance with you as well. You should contact them immediately if you need to claim for medical costs or lost possessions.

If you have been assaulted abroad and you would like to make a claim for compensation, please contact Personal Injury specialist, Victoria Price on 07792 952458 or by email to Victoria.Price@psg-law.co.uk

We are experienced in this field and we understand where you might be right now. We help people to bring claims for the injuries they have suffered as well as supporting them through their rehabilitation and recovery.

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