You need a loud powerful voice when medical care goes wrong!

As a nation we have an inbuilt trust in those we go to for help when we are ill or have a medical problem.  Whether we are treated under the NHS or private health care, we know that those people who treat us undergo long, intense periods of training for the right to call themselves Dr… or Nurse…. We see them knowing (or sometimes just hoping) that they can, in the words of so many mums and dads  “make it better”, whatever  “it” may be.

Sometimes though, it goes wrong.  Sometimes they miss something, sometimes they do the wrong thing, sometimes what should happen just doesn’t.  It takes a lot for a patient to stand up and say “I’m not happy” or  to stand up to these people full of learning and experience and say “you got it wrong”.  Often all we want is an apology, but occasionally the damage done is so severe that we need financial help just to carry on –  to pay for corrective treatment, or care or equipment, or just to recompense expenses or lost earnings from all the time taken off work to recover.

And that’s where it gets hard – Suddenly you are the little man shouting against the corporate beast, trying to get your voice heard.

This is where we can help.

We have a loud and powerful voice and we have the skills and knowledge to help you fight your corner.  There will be times when we can’t help, and we will tell you. There will be times when we help you find out that there was no mistake. But there will be times when we call them to account. We call upon the expertise of other Doctors and specialists to show that what happened to you or your loved one was wrong and could have been avoided.  We can’t always “make it better”, but we can help you get a financial settlement to compensate.