Court of Protection

Communication with your Deputy

In order for a deputy to fulfil their role and responsibilities, it is essential that they are able to maintain effective communication with the protected person and family members or others concerned with their affairs. This does not necessarily mean that they will all agree on what is in the person’s best interests but there […]

Sepsis – Spot the signs

Sepsis is a condition that is triggered by an infection or injury. This can come from anywhere from an infected cut to an insect bite. It can affect anyone at all, however, there is an increased risk of sepsis to the very young and elderly and also those who have a medical condition or receive […]

Common Law

Common Law – What does it mean?

‘Common Law’ partners do not have the same legal rights as married or civil partners. The government has this week confirmed that new legislation is to be introduced in England and Wales which will allow heterosexual couples to enter into civil partnerships. This reform will provide those couples who do not wish to marry the […]

World Mental Health Day

Today, the 10th October marks World Mental Health Day; a day dedicated to raising awareness of the mental health issues and challenges faced by many people each day, who are often suffering in silence. – In fact, mental health issues affect 1 in 4 people in any year. It is promising to see that the […]

Court of Protection

Shedding light on the Court of Protection from our new Altrincham office

In the past, the Court of Protection has been dubbed ‘the secret Court’ which subsequently led to the Transparency Pilot with the intention of increasing public and media access to the Court. However, due to the fact that the Court involves the affairs of vulnerable protected parties who lack capacity is important that the Court […]


Protect your pets with a bespoke LPA

In previous articles I have highlighted concerns regarding the number of attorneys being investigated by the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) and also how opportunities are being missed to draft safeguards in to Lasting Powers of Attorneys (LPAs). In this article I am going to consider how those same safeguards could be used to […]

Injuries in sport

Injuries in sport

Injuries often occur in circumstances completely outside of our control. In some instances however, injuries can occur during the course of an event that we voluntarily take part in, where we are aware that there is a risk that we could be hurt. – In these cases, it is not always possible that compensation can […]

The World Cup – What did it mean to you?

The World Cup – What did it mean to you?

The summer of 2018 will be one that most people will remember for what seemed like endless days of sunshine and football fever. – When the question “Could England actually win?” seemed to form part of every conversation and the excitement created a buzz across the country. However, this time held a different meaning and […]

Court of Protection

Can I act as a joint deputy for property and finances?

A question that I commonly encounter is whether or not you can appoint more than one deputy for property and financial decisions. The simple answer is, yes! There are two different ways in which the court can appoint more than one financial deputy. The first is a joint appointment which requires both deputies to act […]