Supporting our NHS employees

When we go to work each day, the last thing we expect is to be violently attacked in the course of carrying out our duties. Sadly, however, for many healthcare professionals, this is something that they have had to become aware of, because violence against NHS staff has reached its highest level in 5 years. […]

Heirlooms and Antiques

We all cherish certain items; antiques, art work, jewellery, crockery, record collections, clothing or photographs. Some hold little financial value but significant sentimental value. Some have significant financial value. If you wish to pass them on to a loved one, a relative or close friend, how can you be sure that this will happen when […]

Get your house in order

Buying a house, either on your own or as a couple is likely to be one of the biggest purchases you make during your lifetime. It is likely to become your biggest asset too. This new home brings with it responsibilities and obligations. To ensure these are met we take out mortgage cover, house insurance, […]

Are you owed a refund from the Office of the Public Guardian?

Are you owed a refund from the Office of the Public Guardian?

If you applied to register a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) or Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) between the 1st April 2013 and the 31st March 2017, then you may be entitled to have part of this fee refunded. An LPA or EPA must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) in […]

Learning from mistakes

The NHS Litigation Authority, now known as NHS Resolution (NHSR) is the body that manages claims for negligence against NHS member organisations. After over a decade of managing these claims and obtaining data on all avoidable injury and deaths sustained, standards should be improving. All healthcare professionals have a Duty of Candour; an obligation to […]

Review of Legal Aid for Coroners Inquests

Review of Legal Aid for Coroners Inquests

The Ministry of Justice are currently reviewing the availability of legal aid for bereaved families in England and Wales. When someone dies in certain locations or circumstances, a coroner will be asked to investigate and determine how that person died. Examples of when the coroner would be involved are when someone dies alone at home, […]

Court ruling

Recent Court Ruling relating to Lasting Powers of Attorneys

In October 2018, the Court of Protection finalised its ruling on wording contained in Lasting Power of Attorney documents which expressed instructions to attorneys regarding assisted dying. Although it would be unlawful for an Attorney to become involved in an assisted dying arrangement (which is not the same as withdrawing life sustaining treatment), the Court […]


Be spooky but safe this Halloween

It’s Halloween! – The time of year for adults and children alike to dress up ready for various parties and ‘trick or treat’ outings. Pumpkins have been carved and decorations are all set up ready for visitors to arrive. Amongst the excitement however, fire services are reminding the public to consider and remember the dangers […]

Unclaimed Estates

Unclaimed Estates

Today in the UK, there are in excess of 8,800 unclaimed estates recorded by the Government, where a person has passed away without leaving a will and where no family members have been identified as beneficiaries in line with the Intestacy rules. During our lifetime, we work hard for the money we earn  to spend […]

Funeral Plan

Pre-paid funeral plans

With the costs of funerals rising every year, it’s no surprise that many people are looking to ease the financial burden on their loved ones as far as possible by investing in a pre-paid funeral plan. An interesting study has highlighted some of the potential pitfalls associated with signing up to such plans including: Pre-plan […]