Anaesthetic Awareness – The Silent Scream

Can you imagine what it is like to have an operation, but for the anaesthetic to have failed? You can see and hear everything around you, you may even be able to feel the pain from the surgeon’s knife, but the drugs have left you paralysed. Patients who have had this happen to them often […]

Diagnosing A Brain Tumour In Patients Presenting With Symptoms Of Galactorrhoea

Galactorrhoea is a state of inappropriate lactation from the breasts. This can be caused by medications such as certain anti-depressants and contraceptive pills. However, it can also occur due to the presence of Hyperprolactinemia (raised Prolactin levels). Hyperprolactinaemia is most commonly occurs as a consequence of pregnancy and lactation. It can also occur as a […]

Organ Donation – Should I Register or Not?

One of the latest proposals to be floated by the NHS is to give priority to people who are actually registered organ donors, if they themselves need a transplant. The NHS wants to increase the number of people agreeing to donate organs as there is a national shortage in donated organs. They believe that if […]

NHS Complaints – How they are Handled – An Analysis

In the wake of shocking cases of neglect and cover up coming from Mid Staffs hospital, I would like to look at the way that the NHS handles complaints from patients. For a number of years now, certainly since I have been practicing law, the Health Service Ombudsman has encouraged NHS Trusts to adopt a […]

Problems With Hospitals Treating Dementia Patients

The National Audit of Dementia has published its findings and it shows that hospitals are not doing enough to assess patients in their care. 210 hospitals were assessed together with 8000 sets of patient’s notes. It appears that these patients are not receiving crucial mental health state assessments. These assessments should assist staff in assessing […]

Vascular Surgeons Performances Rates Published

On Friday 28th June 2013 the first of many lists was published which look into the performance of surgeons including their death rates. The first list to be published was that of vascular surgeons. These are open to the public to look into before they decide whether to go for surgery. Vascular surgeons are generally […]

When Might GPs Make Mistakes?

With an ageing population and more complex health care needs GPs are finding that they are becoming more susceptible to clinical negligence claims from making mistakes. With an increased patient list GPs are starting to feel the strain. This is where administration of paperwork is vitally important. A misfiled blood test or results letter can […]

Face-down Restraint Injuries Still Occurring in Mental Health Trusts

Mental Health Charity MIND has published a report which highlights that face-down restraint are still be used in mental health hospitals despite the fact that this technique can cause injuries and can sometimes be life threatening. The technique involves patients being forced to the floor, face down and then pinned to the floor by health […]

Misplaced Naso-Gastric Feed Case Study

A nasogastric feed (NG) is a tube inserted through the nose, down the throat and into the stomach. It is used as a means to feed patients who are either unable to swallow, tolerate solid food or are unable to feed themselves. Liquid feed is fed direct into the stomach through the tube. If the […]

Cauda Equina Syndrome cases

Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) results from a disc (the disc that separates your vertebrae) protruding or bulging and putting pressure on the central nervous system. All the nerves sending information to the lower half of your body (legs, reproductive organs, bladder and bowel) come out at the base of your spine. It looks like a […]