Snowdrop - A symbol of hope, purity and rebirth

Human Trafficking

Last year, there were 60,000 reports made to the police about children who had been groomed, sexually exploited, exploited for criminal activity and trafficked by adults in England and Wales. These 60,0000 are just the cases that the police and authorities know about. Experience tells them that most abuse doesn’t ever come to their attention. […]

Update will

How easily can I change my will?

Now that wills are word processed, updating your will including details of executors or beneficiaries should be a straight forward task. You can contact the solicitors who prepared your will to do this or you can visit a new solicitors for their advice. It is sensible to review your will, your assets and bequests from […]

Snowdrop - A symbol of hope, purity and rebirth

Manchester City take promising step with ‘Victim first’ policy

Manchester City has this week taken a ground breaking stand against historic sexual abuse at the club committed by Barry Bennell and John Broome. They have announced the launch of a compensation scheme, funded by the club for victims of the offences these men committed. Barry Bennell and John Broome were both involved in the […]


Can a beneficiary in my will also be the executor?

Yes! An executor is someone who carries out the wishes of your will when you die. When you make your will the choice of who you might want to have as an executor is unrestricted. You are allowed to choose someone to be an executor who is also a beneficiary of your estate i.e. someone […]

Business Administration Apprentice; Magdalena Pogorzelska

Introducing our Business Administration Apprentice; Magdalena Pogorzelska

This week; 4th – 8th March marks National Apprenticeship Week, so we took this opportunity to introduce you to our current apprentice Magdalena Pogorzelska. Please will you tell us a little bit about yourself? After my GCSEs, I went to Xaverian College to study Law and Psychology but decided this route into Law wasn’t for […]

I have been asked to be the executor of a will. Should I agree?

An executor is a person appointed under a will to administer the estate or in simple terms, carry out the wishes of the will. An executor is normally chosen because the person making the will has confidence that they will carry out their wishes but also thinks that they are capable of handling the responsibility. […]

New home

How to protect the Bank of Mum and Dad when buying a property with a partner

We often see couples purchasing a property together with financial assistance provided by one or both sets of parents. With borrowing from parents and relatives becoming increasingly popular, it raises the question, how you do protect the Bank of Mum and Dad when purchasing a property together? From the outset, prior to any money changing […]

Family memories

Don’t lose your precious family history

Many of us are fascinated with history, particularly that of our own families. – We search websites to learn about our ancestors, to try and find out who they were, their story and uncover facts about their lives. When loved ones pass away and properties are emptied, memories from the past are often discovered, old […]

Care for relative

Are you the main care provider for a relative?

Research from Carers UK has found that in the last 2 years, 468,000 people have left their job in order to care for a loved one who is elderly, disabled or seriously injured. In addition to those who have left paid employment, a further 5 million people are currently caring for a loved one in […]

Protecting the Bank of Mum and Dad

Protecting the Bank of Mum and Dad

We recently discussed that finance from the Bank of Mum and Dad has become increasingly popular in assisting with the purchase of a property for adult ‘children’. However, with this in mind, what safeguards can be put in place to protect this investment? From the outset, prior to any money changing hands, agreements should be […]