Dedicated Stroke Units Can Save Lives

New studies have shown analysts that England and Wales need to have dedicated stroke units in urban areas to help save the lives of patients. An estimated 125,000 people suffer a stroke in England each year. Approximately 40,000 of these patients die from a stroke as a result. A stroke occurs when the blood supply […]

Cauda Equina Syndrome – The Symptoms

Cauda Equina Syndrome or CES is a serious type of nerve root problem. It comes about when there is compression of the nerves at the very bottom of the spinal cord. The compression of the nerves stops them from working properly and if not treated swiftly then CES may cause permanent nerve damage. Cauda Equina […]

Record Numbers of UK Veterans from Afghanistan Seeking Mental Health Treatment

Combat Stress a charity who treats and supports members of the armed forces who suffer mental health problems has announced a significant increase in the number of veterans approaching them for help. Combat Stress received 358 new veteran referrals from the Afghanistan conflict in 2013. This was a 57% rise on the number in 2012. […]

Clients Who Lack Mental Capacity – Settlement Risks!

A recent decision by the Supreme Court may have widespread consequences for Claimants and their legal advisors. This is often a family member. The litigation friend makes decisions on behalf of the person who lacks capacity. When a settlement is reached, the settlement is put before a judge who decides whether it is reasonable or […]

Pensioner Dies After 2 Hour Wait For An Ambulance

There have been recent articles in The Telegraph this week which have highlighted national shortages within the NHS. They included the usual staff shortages, this time midwives; but one incredibly sad article stood out, which was concerned with the tragic death of a 73-year-old gentleman, who collapsed at home in Hartlepool after almost 2 hours […]

Lord Saatchi Innovation Bill

In December 2012 we set out our concerns about the proposed legislation Lord Saatchi is sponsoring. The stated aim of the legislation is to codify existing practice and create a statutory defence of medical innovation. The concern being that doctors are prevented from trying new unorthodox treatments due to fear of litigation. In our original […]

High Blood Pressure Tablets – The Increased Risk For The Eldery

Many people suffer with high blood pressure and often take medication, like beta-blockers to lower blood pressure and keep it within acceptable, safe parameters. However, scientists have found that blood pressure tablets may be doing more harm than good as they increase the risk of elderly people having falls. Scientists at Yale University discovered that […]

GPs failing young people with mental health problems

The Royal College of GPs has voiced concerns today that doctors are not being given the right training to help with the increase in mental health problems among young people in England and Wales. GPs are complaining that there is a lack of any up-to-date research on mental health disorders and that the last significant […]

Ambulance delay causes risks in rural areas of England

Ambulance delay has come under scrutiny following the death of a 26 year old man who collapsed at his home in Norfolk in November 2013. A paramedic arrived within 15 minutes but it took almost 2 hours for an ambulance to arrive. The young man died in hospital later from a brain haemorrhage. The Ambulance […]

Pleural effusion – the risks of treatment

A pleural effusion is suffered when a patient has fluid around one or both of their lungs. This has many causes. They can be as a result of chest infections such as pneumonia or as a result of ongoing illnesses such as cancer. The main symptom is breathlessness but it can sometimes also involve chest […]