No fault divorce

No Fault Divorce – Ask the expert

ASK THE EXPERTS In a series of blogs, we are putting questions to our expert lawyers here at Price Slater Gawne. Today, we are asking questions of our Family Consultant, Carole Nettleton about relationships and no-fault divorce. 1. “No fault divorce” – What does it mean? Until very recently, divorce law stated (and had done […]

What is in a name?

What is in a name?

Historically, double barrelled surnames were a sign of aristocracy; an outward sign of wealth and nobility to society. In the last 10 years however, we have seen an increase in the use of double-barrelled surnames, to a point where it has now become commonplace. There are many reasons why parents choose to provide a double-barrelled […]

Back to school

The 2020 return to school

September is well and truly underway…The weather has turned cooler and following the school shutdown period due to COVID-19, pupils across England and Wales are now returning to start the school year. Many parents consider this to be an exciting time as children are returning to school after nearly six months out. First day pictures […]

Single parent families one of worst hit financially by COVID-19

Single parent families one of worst hit financially by COVID-19

Single parents are amongst the social groups to have experienced the hardest economic shocks as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, new analysis reveals. Research by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex confirms that the earnings of households across the UK have fallen, with lowest earners suffering disproportionately. The […]

Snowdrop - A symbol of hope, purity and rebirth

Domestic Abuse Bill – Improvements in law and practice for victims of abuse

Each year in the UK, 2.4 million women, men and children, aged between 16 and 74, are victims of domestic abuse. On 6th July 2020 the Domestic Abuse Bill was passed by the House of Commons. It aims to provide greater protection for victims, provide them with more support and impose greater penal consequences for […]

Domestic Abuse

The Domestic Abuse Bill – What this means for family law

Our home is a place where we should feel safe, a place where we close the door to the day and relax with our loved ones. Sadly, for some 2.4 million people each year, this could not be further from the truth, as this is the place where they have become victim to domestic violence. […]

The Road Ahead for the Family Courts

The Road Ahead for the Family Courts

In our latest series of blogs we have been documenting how the family courts have been able to remain operating whilst court buildings remained closed; as  Judges, barristers, solicitors, experts and court users embraced technology and used remote hearings. We have also touched on the proposed use of hybrid hearings where the judge, parties and […]

The biggest shake up to divorce law in over 50 years!

The biggest shake up to divorce law in over 50 years!

There are currently 5 facts that can be relied upon for divorce; adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, living apart for more than 2 years – with your spouse’s written consent to the divorce, and living apart for more than five years – which does not require consent from your spouse, but which sometimes requires permission from […]

Obtaining Grant of Probate - The current situation

Obtaining Grant of Probate – The current situation

The coronavirus pandemic has seen countless businesses and service providers face fluctuations in demand and disruption, which has subsequently resulted in delays to their service provision. At Price Slater Gawne, we have been open for business throughout the COVID-19 lockdown period, with our employees working from home and contact with clients and third parties via […]


Technology and the future of the Family Court System – Part 2

In our previous blog on this subject, we explored the impact of lockdown and technology on the future of the Family Courts and we reported that senior members of the judiciary have now commented that the use of remote hearings – Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or hearings by telephone has been relatively successful. This has […]