Victoria Price acts for seriously injured young mother

In November 2013, a 34 year old woman was hit by a car as she crossed a road, causing life threatening injuries.

Unconscious from the accident, she was taken from ambulance to the Accident and Emergency department in Nottingham. There the doctors found she had a fractured skull, a brain haemorrhage, fractured pelvis, a fractured cheekbone as well as other injuries.

After spending time in intensive care and then in a major trauma unit, she was transferred to Hospital for intense physical neurological and psychological rehabilitation.

Over 3 months after the accident, she was discharged home in February 2014. She was lucky to have survived.

After initial investigations we started the claim against the defendant driver’s insurer in February 2014.

The defendant was charged with dangerous driving and given a prison sentence.

Once the criminal proceedings concluded the defendant’s motor insurers formally admitted liability for the accident.

The claimant was provided with a case manager as well as neuropsychologist and occupational therapist and a physiotherapist. She saw them regularly as part of her rehabilitation at home.

Such was the extent of her injuries that medical experts in the fields of orthopaedics, maxillofacial injuries neuropsychology, psychiatry, nursing and care and occupational therapy were asked to assess the her and provide reports for the Court.

The claimant had a strong academic background and employment history as a manager. If it were not for the accident she would have applied for promotion. Unfortunately her return to work was not successful. Her future employability was uncertain.

Her family provided a large amount of care in the first few months following the accident. As time went on and her injuries improved her care needs reduced, but she still required care and support every day.

A personal injury trust was set up early on in the claim to assist with the management of the claimant’s damages. The insurers were prepared to make interim payments on damages throughout the case. They also funded the case management, neuropsychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, refresher driving lessons for the claimant, aids and appliances, counselling sessions for the claimant’s husband and nursery fees for the claimant’s youngest child.

Proceedings were issued and the case moved through the Court process. The claim settled in May 2017.

The claimant plans to buy her own home now which will be adapted to help her with the needs of her and her family. She will continue to have support from her case manager and occupational therapist and care from her family.

Although the insurer admitted liability early on, it needed the effort and expertise of her solicitor and experts to ensure that she received compensation to provide her the care she would need in the future, but also recompense her for loss of earnings and the hidden costs of the care provided by her family.

Victoria Price, who acted on behalf of the claimant said “a cooperative insurer can help claimants to recover more quickly and reduce the trauma of such serious injuries.”

It took over 3 years for the claim to reach a conclusion and the claimant said at the end “we feel that without Victoria and everyone else who has helped us we wouldn’t have got through this like we have.”

It is cases like this that show the benefit of having an experienced and knowledgeable solicitor on your side. Not only can they call on the best experts to help assess your injuries and your future rehabilitation, but a good solicitor will connect you with the best treatment providers, care providers and help you to access organisations that can support your recovery, now and for the for your future.

If you have had a serious physical and/or psychological injury and you need experienced legal representation on your side contact us today. Invest in your future and let us help you recover .