A recent survey by Dr Foster highlighted those hospitals with the worst track records for patient care. Amongst highlighting concerns that shortages of nursing staff and cuts to NHS services could result in reduced standards of care, the report also highlighted those hospitals that had unusually high death rates.

It has also been reported that Trafford General Hospital had one of the highest. This is a sad reflection on the hospital that started the NHS off. Whilst Trafford General Hospital is now part of another Trust and improvements are doubtless being made, this does strongly suggest that some families will have lost loved ones unnecessarily.

There are many explanations as to why the death rate may be high in that particular hospital. Demographic has a lot to do with this. Sometimes the best hospitals take on tertiary referrals from other hospitals so they take the “riskier” patient groups and have higher death rates.

Another explanation could be that poor decisions during treatment, which may or may not amount to medical negligence, have resulted in unnecessary deaths. Anyone who has lost a family member treated at Trafford General Hospital and who is concerned that the care may have been negligent may have a right to an explanation and possibly compensation.