Think before you dial 999

A North West Ambulance Service Dispatcher is urging people to think before they dial, the Wirral Globe has reported.

Tony Newisham an emergency medical dispatcher gave some examples of calls that have been received requesting an ambulance:

  1. A request to tidy a ladies kitchen;
  2. A cotton bud stuck in her ear;
  3. A toenail which had changed colour; and
  4. An insect bite

These are not appropriate conditions to utilise the already under resourced emergency services. As we approach a bank holiday weekend, North West Ambulance Service is asking the general public to think carefully before they dial 999.

There is often an increase in calls over a bank holiday weekend from people who don’t know where to seek alternative medical care when they cannot access their GP with conditions such as colds and sore throats.

Other astonishing requests are:

  1. A request for paramedics to come and bring in her washing as the path was too icy to walk on;
  2. A request for a dead pigeon to be resuscitated;
  3. A call for severe facial bleeding which turned out to be a spot which had been picked and was bleeding slightly!

My favourite has to be the next one

  • A caller dialled 999 for an ambulance for severe shortness of breath. After a few standard questions by the operator it transpired he was out of breath as he was being chased by the police!

If it is not an emergency then dial 111 for free immediate advice and leave 999 free for the most urgent calls.