The tragic, wide-reaching consequences of failing to diagnose breast cancer

Price Slater Gawne has acted on behalf of Ms Fisher to bring a claim for her against Barnsley Hospital in relation to the delayed diagnosis of her breast cancer.

In July 2010, Ms Fisher was referred to the hospital breast clinic by her GP over changes in her right breast, including nipple inversion, changes in the size and appearance of her breast and pain through her breast and into her arm.

When attending the clinic in August 2010, she underwent a mammogram and ultrasound, and was advised that the changes and pain she was experiencing were due to scar tissue from pre-existing implants. At this stage, she was discharged from the clinic with advice on pain relief and guidance on personal care. She was advised that there was nothing to worry about.

In June 2011, Ms Fisher was once again referred to the breast clinic by her GP due to sustained, ongoing pain and further concern regarding the appearance of the same breast. This time, following investigations, she was diagnosed with a 70mm tumour.

Ms Fisher sadly had to undergo a mastectomy the week after her diagnosis and later received Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, which she was advised were unavoidable in the circumstances.

It was found at trial that she had been discharged negligently in 2010, when in fact, her symptoms should have been investigated more thoroughly, which would likely have resulted in a much earlier diagnosis. In turn, this would have required less invasive treatment.

The delayed diagnosis and treatment required as a result has had a significant impact upon Ms Fisher, her lifestyle, career, personal circumstances and relationships. Ms Fisher was in fact an employee of the hospital at the time of the diagnosis and missed diagnosis and unfortunately had to fight to retain her role with the hospital following treatment.

Whilst no amount of compensation will alleviate the physical, psychological and emotional pain caused as a result of the delay in diagnosis, Ms F was awarded a financial settlement after the case went to trial.

Ms Fisher has commented:

“The delayed diagnosis of my breast cancer has had a significant impact on all aspects of my life, my relationships, the treatment I needed and the ongoing support that I still need now.

I am grateful to Price Slater Gawne for acting for me and Andrew Harrison in particular for assisting me in getting the answers to the questions I had in relation to my missed diagnosis”.

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