The time of year to think about loved ones

With the Halloween decorations packed away and the bonfire night celebrations having flooded the skies with colour, our thoughts now turn to the Christmas countdown.

For many people, this time of year is filled with traditions, celebrations and making plans for the perfect gift for family and friends. It is a time of reflection, for reminiscing on events that have taken place throughout the year and to considering what we want to achieve before the year comes to a close and into the new year.

With thoughts focused on loved ones, many people deem this to be an opportune time to plan for the future and to giving the gift of certainty to both themselves and their loves ones by making a Will.

A Will sets out your wishes in relation to your estate, to include who you would wish to have guardianship of your children in the event of your death and your funeral wishes. It can document who you would wish to receive personal possessions, particular family heirlooms or gifts you yourself have received in previous years, as well as guidance to your loved ones; thus ensuring that, upon your passing, your loved ones would have the comfort of knowing that they are following your wishes.

Why not make this the time of year to think not only about your own future but that of your loved ones?

Will I have time to make a Will before Christmas?

The process of making a Will does not take long at all, in fact, often they are completed in a few weeks following a meeting with a friendly member of our Wills, Trusts and Probate team.

We have an initial meeting with you which currently can be done over the phone or via Zoom / Teams. Following this meeting, we provide you with a copy of our Will Questionnaire to complete which provides all the key information to be included within your Will such as your executors, your wishes in relation to your assets, arrangements for guardianship, funeral requests and any further information required.

Once you have completed this form, your Will is drafted by a specialist solicitor, ready for your review and discussion at a second meeting or via email, whatever you prefer. If you are happy with the content of the Will, arrangements are then made for you to sign the Will before suitable witnesses.

Don’t put off making an appointment, your Will could be drafted, signed and witnessed in a few weeks from now…and certainly before the festivities are underway!

I have more questions about making a Will, can you help?

If you would like to speak to a member of the Price Slater Gawne team regarding making a Will, we would be happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns you may have. Our team are here to help. Alternatively, we have answered many of the frequently asked questions in relation to making or updating a Will here (link).

If you would like to contact our of our Wills, Trusts and Probate solicitors, please contact Laura Bywater on 07939 121341 or Gail Galloway on 07399 781788 or by email to . Alternatively, please use the ‘Chat now’ link on our website to arrange a call back via our live chat function.