The other side of hair and beauty…

For many people, a visit to the hairdressers or beauty salon is something they look forward to… an hour (or 5) of pampering, with a fresh new look at the end. The last thing you expect is to walk out of the salon with an injury.

Incidents do sometimes occur and whilst in most cases these are minor accidents, such as a nick that will heal in a matter of days, some are of a more serious nature.

Chemicals, Peroxide and Patch Tests

Whether you are having your hair coloured or lashes tinted for the first time, a patch test is essential. Whilst you may consider this as an ‘inconvenience’, it is vital to ensure your safety prior to any treatment that involves chemicals.

In most instances, the chemicals involved in these treatments cause no reaction, however the stark reality is that they can cause a severe reaction including anaphylactic shock, swelling and even hair loss.

Whilst you may have had a treatment done previously, if this has taken place at a different salon or over 12 months ago, a patch test should be carried out again. – Different products may be used. – It is also possible that you may develop new allergies to the same products over time

Practitioners are required to perform a patch test 24-48 hours in advance of an initial treatment involving chemicals. In reality however, this does not always occur. This is negligent on behalf of the practitioner.

In addition, hair and beauty practitioners must be trained in the correct and appropriate use of products and equipment used on clients. Each time you visit a hair or beauty salon, you are putting your trust in the practitioner to carry out their role in a competent manner.

We have all heard horror stories of when hair treatments have gone wrong. In some cases this can involve damage to the person’s hair and scalp. Alongside the physical pain caused, the trauma involved can have a lasting emotional and psychological impact.

Victoria Price, Head of Personal Injury commented:

“We have worked with a number of clients who have been affected by negligent treatment by hair and beauty therapists. We visit a salon with the expectation that the treatment will be exactly as we expect. Sadly this is not always the case. Accidents happen as well as mistakes.

We are committed to working with our clients to support them in recovering compensation if things do go badly wrong. We also recognise that when this happens most salons are very apologetic and very much regret what has happened. We try to work with the owners, practitioners and insurers as far as we possibly can to reach an outcome that is workable for everyone and most importantly, puts things right”.

If you have been affected by a negligent hair or beauty treatment that has caused a significant reaction, such as hair loss, burning or hair breakage and would like to discuss a potential claim, please contact a member of the Price Slate Gawne team on 0161 6155554.