“Price Slater Gawne handled a recent case for me when at the age of 74 I caught my foot in a pothole and subsequently suffered a broken right shoulder; the injury was repaired with 3 titanium screws and 7 wires. I was left with 25% disablement and osteo-arthritis has recently developed. The badly degraded tarmac road was quickly made safe and the extent of my injury acknowledge. After this the Defendants became unresponsive and the claim protracted. My solicitors throughout were tenacious and committed. Eventually the Defendants appointed independent solicitors and the claim then progressed. Six days before I was due to attend a Court hearing, the matter was settled and compensation awarded; this was a very reasonable sum and will do much to provide me with assistance in my later years. I am very grateful to my solicitors, the medical expert and the barristers involved. I could not have wished for a better outcome.”