Biggest injury from a terrorist attack can be psychological

Often the biggest injury from a terrorist attack is psychological.

The initial life threatening terror, panic and shock can change as the weeks go by into anxiety, depression, adjustment problems, PTSD and personality changes. These conditions occur as your brain tries to process the horror that you have been through. If you have lost someone because of a terror attack you will also have grief and bereavement to contend with. If you are badly injured you will also have the psychological effects of dealing with fractures, burns, scarring, surgery, disease and new medical conditions.

These are massive times of adjustment and recovery.

You must not ignore the psychological effects of being caught up in events like this. Sometimes the physical injuries can heal much faster than the mental ones. Be aware of how you are feeling. You are not going mad. All of this will be a very normal reaction to a horrific event but it won’t sort itself out! Just like you will need help to heal fractures or burns, you will need help to get through the psychological affects. You must do something about it even if you don’t feel up to it. If help is offered for counselling or de-briefing, take it. If not, go to your GP and ask for it. Early intervention from psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and GPs is crucial to help survivors deal with so many emotions and the adjustments they need to make. These will effect all areas of your life and your families and friends. It’s crucial for your future and to help you get to where you want to be – to truly recover.

If you need advice and help with your injuries after a terror attack contact us. We have represented many clients who have been through similar experience to you. We are friendly, approachable and understanding and we will help you get you to where you want to go.