Patients could remain at risk of long term damage despite new regulation proposals for the cosmetic industry.

Plastic surgeons have described proposed regulation of the cosmetic procedures industry as “appalling” and paying “only lip service” to patient safety.

Ministers have announced that it will be illegal to offer dermal fillers without proper training. However, many surgeons believe that the drugs should be available only on prescription in order to regulate their use.

It is estimated that the cosmetic procedures industry is worth £2.3 billion and covers procedures such as botox and laser hair removal. The medical director of the NHS, Sir Bruce Keogh reviewed the industry in 2013. He warned that fillers could cause lasting damage if used incorrectly. He recommended that they should be prescription only.

Under current proposals, Health Education England will review training for dermal fillers and botox. Legislation will make it illegal to offer these services without training. A named doctor or nurse will be part of the consent process which is hoped will ensure that the procedure is suitable for the patient.

It remains to be seen what form the training will take and whether these proposals will help to regulate a growing market.

Unfortunately, we have dealt with cases where botox and other dermal fillers have been incorrectly administered causing lasting damage. If you have any concerns about treatment you or a loved one has received, please contact us for a confidential discussion