Was it all sun, sea and sangria?

As you return to work or studies after the long hot summer, are you reminiscing and talking about your memories of festivals, gigs and club nights that you have enjoyed? Or have events this summer harmed you or left you with memories that you would rather forget?

Not everyone’s experience of social gatherings is so great. Statistically, many party go-ers this summer will have been attacked, beaten, sexually assaulted, robbed and even killed. Some will have been caught up in events that had nothing to do with them. Others will have been witness to others being harmed. In some circumstances, it may have been difficult to find police or security to help resolve a situation. It may have been more traumatic because they couldn’t find medical help or first aid to assist someone. They may have lost their friends, their bearings, their phones and belongings…leaving them alone and terrified.

All of these events have happened to clients of ours. The effects on them physically and psychologically can be far reaching. Some are frightened to go to large, busy places again. Some are too frightened or wary to go to their local pub or to restaurants or shopping centres. Many can stop pursuing their hobbies or sports. They can lose contact with their friends. They can be frightened to go back to work or college. All of these things are normal reactions to traumatic events but they will rarely resolve themselves without help from professionals.

If you have had a bad experience this summer then get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

We are experienced in this field and we understand where you might be right now. We help people to bring claims for the injuries they have suffered as well as supporting them through their rehabilitation and recovery.

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