Summer Holidays and LPAs…

Summer holidays are the conversation topic of choice for lots of people at the moment, particularly as the school holidays sees an increase in the number of people jetting off to destinations worldwide.

For many people, upcoming holidays means ticking jobs off the ‘to do’ list; ensuring all travel documents are in place, making last minute purchases and ensuring they can go away with complete peace of mind. – This is where we come in. During the summer months, we see an influx of clients finalising their Wills before they jet off to exotic locations.

Whether irrational thoughts of possible disaster, a fear of flying or the intention to partake in dangerous sports is the reason for putting affairs in order, taking the step of putting a Will in place can mean that concerns can be alleviated.

Whilst this is the case, it is also advisable to consider putting Lasting Powers of Attorney in place.

Put simply, these documents identify a person to make decisions on your behalf in relation to your property, financial affairs, health and medical treatment should you become unable to for any reason. For example, in the event of an accident or illness that affects your ability to make decisions at the time they need to be made.

With the risks associated with long haul flights as people venture further afield for ‘the holiday of a lifetime’ and an increase in people participating in more high-risk sports and excursions, it is recommended to have these documents in place.

If you would like further information regarding putting a Will or Lasting Powers of Attorney in place, please contact our specialist solicitors on 0161 6155554.