Successful claim against The Royal Free Hospital

This case was referred to Peter Flory by an eminent Harley Street Professor of ENT Surgery who had been a medical colleague of Dr D and who had worked with Peter on a number of medico-legal cases in the past.

Dr D had suffered from a life long arterial-venous malformation (AVM) giving rise to left facial disfigurement. Dr D underwent an interventional radiological procedure at The Royal Free Hospital (RFH) in December 2014. The procedure involved angiography (injection of radio-opaque contrast to take radiological pictures) which stated on the consent form was to be superselective to the left AVM. In fact, the RFH interventional radiologist performed a different and more risky procedure on Dr D without her consent. Dr D sustained an occipital stroke as a result causing a right sided hemianopia (actually a quandrantanopia) where one quarter of Dr D’s visual field was obliterated forever. Dr D also sustained a temporal / parietal lobe stroke but this was mercifully asymptomatic but did give rise to a minute future risk of epilepsy.

It took a long time to work out precisely what the RFH radiologist had done to Dr D but Peter managed to appoint the appropriate experts to uncover the truth of what had occurred, obtained an admission of liability from National Health Service Resolution on behalf of the Trust and a full apology from the RFH Chief Executive. The case settled for £40,000 without the need for formal court proceedings.