Spooky but safe this halloween!

And just like that, Halloween is upon us…

Whilst there is no doubt that this year’s Halloween will be different to previous years, many families will be adjusting their preparations to ensure their families can mark the occasion.

Putting up decorations in the home, pumpkin carving and the tradition of adults and children alike dressing up have all become even more popular this year as the option of trick or treating or attending a party are simply not possible.

With an increase in decorations and pumpkin displays in the home, some of which contain lit candles, the Fire Service are raising awareness of the potential dangers of open flames. – It is recommended that as an alternative to candles, battery operated lights are used within pumpkins and similar displays thus reducing the potential risk of lighting candles or even the flame being tipped over. All too easily, costumes, curtains, clothes and furniture can set a light and a serious fire break out.

It is recommended when purchasing a Halloween costume  for adults or children that labels are checked to ensure that they comply with fire safety regulations. In addition, when wearing costumes, children should be kept away from naked flames, particularly from candles in pumpkins and fires.

In the event of a costume catching fire, the Fire Service advises that “Stop, drop and roll should be adopted to smother and put out the flames, following the following guidance:

  • Stop where you are. Do not run. Running can make things worse.
  • Drop to the ground. Lay flat with your legs out straight.
  • Cover your eyes and mouth with your hands.
  • Roll over and over and back and forth until the flames are out.
  • Get help straight away”.

Victoria Price, Head of Personal Injury comments:

“Decorations and costumes purchased by consumers must be safe and adhere to safety standards. If they aren’t and someone suffers an injury as a result, then a claim can be made against the retailers and the company that makes the product for injury and losses caused.

The most important thing to remember this Halloween is to stay safe whilst celebrating. Even in the event that a product is not faulty and complies with safety regulations, accidents can happen and, in some cases, result in tragic consequences”.

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