Shedding light on the Court of Protection from our new Altrincham office

In the past, the Court of Protection has been dubbed ‘the secret Court’ which subsequently led to the Transparency Pilot with the intention of increasing public and media access to the Court. However, due to the fact that the Court involves the affairs of vulnerable protected parties who lack capacity is important that the Court maintains a degree of privacy in order to protect these people.

There is no doubt that the transparency pilot has a positive impact on unveiling decisions from the Court of Protection whilst protecting the identities of the individuals involved. However, there is still a degree of mystery surrounding the Court of Protection and I think that a lot more needs to be done in order to inform people and raise awareness of the issues that are considered by this specialist Court.

On a regular basis when I speak to people about the Court of Protection, I am surprised by how many people have never heard of it, including some professionals who I would expect to have encountered it through their works. In reality, it seems that people only tend to know about the Court of Protection if they have had some involvement through a relative or friend.

At Price Salter Gawne Solicitors we are trying to change this with our Fresh Approach to Law and our new office in Altrincham where we offer a free walk in service. If you have a question about the Court of Protection then why not call in and talk to one of our specialist lawyers who are on hand to help. Seeking early advice and information can make the difference in saving costs and also protecting the interests of potentially vulnerable members of society. Unfortunately I see many cases where early intervention could have saved significant costs, delay and also the adverse impact that can be caused when someone is left without access to finances due to their capacity.

So, if you have a question or concern then why not contact us and arrange an appointment or just call in at the office which is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.