Do you work with survivors of sexual, physical or mental abuse?

Did you know that survivors of sexual, physical or mental abuse may be eligible for compensation to access the support they need for physical/psychological recovery?

If during the course of your work you come into contact with people who have experienced this type of trauma, we would urge you to pass on the following information as it could have a significantly positive effect on their lives.

How can compensation help survivors?

  • It can help to provide access to counselling and rehabilitation
  • It can help survivors to seek justice for their ordeal
  • It can provide a means to access education and new opportunities
  • It can help them to look forward to building a better and brighter future

How Price Slater Gawne helps survivors of abuse:

  • We will help them to fight for compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme
  • We will provide a free, strictly confidential initial consultation and will meet the survivor at a location convenient to them
  • We will adopt a sensitive and supportive approach at all times
  • We will work closely with other agencies in a collaborative manner to support recovery and rehabilitation
  • We can offer additional advice and support; and signpost other agencies where additional support could be accessed

How do survivors make a claim with Price Slater Gawne?

In order to make a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme:

  • Survivors need to have reported the crime to the Police and must have cooperated fully in enquiries (including giving evidence in Court)
  • The claim must be brought within 2 years of the offence or within 2 years of realising they were the victim of a criminal offence

For further information, contact a member of the Price Slater Gawne specialist Personal Injury team today to discuss how we can support the survivors you work with on 0161 615 5554, by email to