An indicative list of organisations or persons who should be notified about the death

  • Registrar of Deaths;
  • Friends and relatives of the deceased;
  • Beneficiaries of the estate;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Employer (if applicable);
  • Doctor/Dentist;
  • Passport Office;
  • Department for Work and Pensions/National Insurance;
  • DVLA;
  • TV Licensing Authority;
  • Utility companies (Gas, electricity, phone, water);
  • Any other organisation in which the deceased was a member.

In order to register the death, you will need:

  • The Medical Certificate;
  • Birth Certificate;
  • Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificate;
  • Death Certificate of former spouse or Civil Partner (If applicable);
  • State Pension or Allowance Book.

Before the funeral, you should look for:

  • The deceased’s most recent Will (or a copy);
  • Any note setting out the deceased’s wishes for their funeral;
  • Papers relating to life insurance policies or pension.

The Personal Representatives and solicitors will need up-to-date information about the following to allow them to begin administering the estate:

  • Bank and Building Society accounts of the person who has died;
  • Cash;
  • Insurance policies (Life Assurance, House, Contents, etc.);
  • Credit Card Statements;
  • Properties, whether owned or rented;
  • Pensions (Workplace and personal);
  • Tenancy agreements;
  • Personal loan agreements;
  • Mortgage statements;
  • Hire Purchase Agreements;
  • Statements relating to savings and investments;
  • Share certificates, dividend vouchers and other papers relating to shareholdings;
  • Other types of business interest;
  • National Savings investments (National Savings Certificates, Premium Bonds, Income Bonds);
  • Valuations for personal belongings (antiques, jewellery, art, furniture, etc.);
  • Investments or properties overseas;
  • Trusts or settlements;
  • Recent tax returns;
  • Most recent PAYE P60 and pay slips (if applicable);
  • Unpaid invoices addressed to the person who has died;
  • Unpaid invoices issued by the person who has died.