Accident at work

Accident at work

Regrettably, despite great strides forward in Health & Safety practice over recent years, serious accidents in the workplace are not uncommon.   Despite these changes and improvements people still die or are seriously injured unnecessarily.  According to the HSE in Great Britain in 2014/2015 144 people were killed at work, 76,000 people were seriously injured or developed a serious illness and 27.3 million working days were lost through work related injury and  work related illness.

Injuries and illnesses are incurred every working day. Some industries are more prone to serious accidents and the types of injuries sustained vary from each industry.  Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, emergency services, armed forces, the medical and caring professions , education, public sector or professional services  you can be injured , sometimes with catastrophic consequences.

In addition, witnessing a work place accident or fatality, or being the first on the scene to assist or rescue a seriously injured colleague can be traumatic. If this has been your experience, you may be entitled to compensation as well.

Remember, in making a claim against your employer, you are claiming on their insurance, the insurance they are required to have by law to protect you in case you have an accident.

For many years we have acted on behalf of many employees, from all areas of work who have been seriously injured, physically and mentally.  The compensation they have received has helped them to rehabilitate physically and mentally, to receive the care and treatment they need and to get their lives back on track.