Accident on the road

Accident on the road

If you have been involved in a serious road traffic accident as the driver, passenger or other road user such as a pedestrian or cyclist, the injuries you sustained may be life changing.  Many physical injuries are obvious such as broken bones, significant wounds and bleeding. Some heal. Some, like spinal or brain injuries, can result in multiple disabilities or longer term subtle but very debilitating injuries.  You may spend long periods of time in hospital or rehabilitation. In either case you may need people to look after you, to support your recovery.

Often you will also suffer from psychological trauma, like depression or increasing anxiety such as a fear of leaving the house, or irrational fear for other’s safety.

Compensation claims for such serious accidents are complex, both medically and financially. You need a solicitor who has significant experience in helping and supporting people in similar circumstances.  A solicitor who will work for the right outcome for you, not just financially, but for any needs you will have in the longer term.

We have extensive experience of helping and supporting clients who have acquired serious injuries and the subsidiary conditions and issues they create. We know how the insurance industry works, we are experienced in the rehabilitation process, we understand the dynamics of the recovery for you and your family and as you start to heal and improve we will be pursuing the claim for you. It is our job to ensure your medical, support and financial needs are met.

You have the right to choose any solicitor you want to represent you. You do not have to use who your insurer suggests. Using the wrong lawyer can leave you without the money you need and deserve.  You only have one chance to get your claim right.