Bedsores and Ulcer Claims

Bedsores and Ulcer Claims

Unfortunately, bedsores and ulcer claims have risen over recent years, mainly due to overworked medical staff struggling to adhere to the strict guidelines in place. However, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect a certain level of care during a hospital stay.

Bedsores don’t happen overnight. Extremely painful, they can lead to infection, and in the most severe cases, even death.

If you or a family member have developed bedsores as a result of negligent medical care, you may be entitled to compensation.

At Price Slater Gawne, we have successfully helped our clients in a wide variety of bedsore and ulcer claims, including:

  • Where breaks in the skin have gone untreated and exposed the patient to infection
  • Where the correct use of pressure relieving equipment and specialist care has not taken place
  • Where those most likely to develop bedsores have not been monitored and cared for correctly

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Bedsores can delay a patient’s recovery and (in some cases) rehabilitation, resulting in increased need for daily care and support. As such, if you or a family member have suffered from unnecessary bedsores it is important to secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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