Domestic Violence & Injunctions

Domestic Violence & Injunctions

It is a sad fact that when emotions run high during relationship breakdown there may be violence in the home. This can involve threats, physical abuse and coercive control.

Here at Price Slater Gawne we have dealt with a range of domestic violence cases over the years, always working with understanding and sensitivity to help you resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

  • Injunctions are available from the family court to protect you from violence, threats of violence or harassment. This is called a non-molestation injunction.
  • Injunctions are also available to stop a person coming near your home or entering your home. This is an occupation injunction order.

If you have been served with injunction papers, we can advise you whether it would be appropriate to offer an undertaking, agree to an order or defend the injunction application.

We understand that violence in the home can be a very emotional and stressful part of any separation so we are committed to dealing with these situations in a sensitive and effective way.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer Legal Aid which may be available if your income qualifies you and you have fulfilled the necessary case criteria. We can assist with an injunction to stop violence and for an abusive partner to leave the home on a privately paying basis.

We can also work with you to help you divorce a partner who has been abusive, resolve any associated financial issues and assist if there are difficulties in making arrangements for children.

If you have been a victim of physical abuse or coercive control then we can assist you in making a claim for Criminal Injury compensation.

Our family department has over 50 years experience of family law, advising and supporting clients and their families from all over England and Wales.

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