Road Safety – Drivers, Cyclists, Pedestrians – For All!

In 2016, there were 18,477 cyclists involved in reported road traffic accidents. 3,499 of this total were seriously injured or killed. These figures are only a fraction of the accidents involving cyclists because numerous cycling accidents are not reported to the police.

Pedestrians are also at risk of being injured by cyclists just as much as they are at risk of being injured by motorists. With this in mind the government are introducing new methods to protect cyclists and pedestrians and are pushing for higher standards for cycling infrastructure across the UK. There are also new plans to update road safety laws and a consultation to look at whether a new offence should be put in place for death by careless cycling.

There are a number of reasons why these sorts of accidents occur on our roads everyday. Human error from the rider or driver is mostly to blame for cycling accidents. Other common contributory factors are that the rider or driver failed to look properly or that the rider or driver made a poor manoeuvre.

Common cycling road traffic accidents are:

  • Motorist emerging from a junction onto a road or roundabout and not seeing the cyclist
  • Motorist turning across the path of a cyclist
  • A cyclist riding into the path of a motor vehicle for example when they come off a pavement
  • A cyclist/motorist turning from a major road to minor road
  • Children cycling on the street
  • Pedestrians injured as a result of a motorist or cyclist trying to avoid accident
  • Cyclists riding too fast when they come back onto the pavement meaning they may hit unexpected pedestrians.

Injuries from these sorts of accidents can range from soft tissue injuries and lacerations to more serious injuries such as head injuries or psychological difficulties. These accidents can be far more traumatic for a cyclist or a pedestrian because neither have anywhere near the same protection as a driver of a vehicle. The physical and psychological effects can be intense and long lasting. However a cyclist or pedestrian is much more vulnerable to the impact, they can be thrown in the air, land on a hard surface and acquire multiple injuries and this can make the collision more traumatic for a driver than if they collided with another vehicle.

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