Relationships … The Aftermath

As the Government announces tentative “baby steps” to release us from lockdown, many couples will now be reflecting on their relationships; taking stock and looking towards what the future might look like.

Relate, the relationship counsellors, have released guidance and information for relationships during COVID-19. And they openly acknowledge that the stresses of being together at home for much longer periods of time than usual may be a challenge.

Relationship experts also predict that lockdown will almost certainly have a profound effect on both marital and cohabiting relationships – and potentially a polarising one at that – either driving couples apart or bringing them closer together.

So … which category do you fall into?…..

It is widely agreed amongst relationship therapists that challenging circumstances allow you to see a wider range of someone’s true characteristics – both positive and negative.

During times like these, couples can often gain insight into extremes of personality and quickly come to realise how each individual copes with stress during adversity.

From a positive perspective, therapists believe that relationships can grow stronger in lockdown. There is nowhere to hide, meaning that couples can work through issues quicker, become more intimate, understand each other more and ultimately communicate better.

You might fall into this category if your spouse/partner has :

  • Queued to buy food or medicine for you
  • Been a calming influence when you or members of your family felt anxious about coronavirus
  • Helped you to use Zoom, Skype, FaceTime etc to keep in touch with work/family/friends
  • Helped with childcare when you were forced to work from home
  • Spent more quality time with you – helping to plan for the future

On the flip side, relationship experts also point out that the opposite can be true. Because again, there is nowhere to hide. People in relationships that were struggling pre-lockdown could now find themselves pushed to the point where a complete breakdown is inevitable.

This may be true where your spouse/partner has:

  • Been resentful that they’ve been unable to socialise or have their own space
  • Subjected you or members of your family to verbal, physical or emotional abuse
  • Had a negative view about the future, dragging your emotions down
  • Left you to sort out working from home
  • Flouted the lockdown rules with no concern for the safety of those around them
  • Failed to give the family an adequate level of support

We’d all like to hope that the aftermath of our closest relationships fall into the former category, but if there are issues that have come to the forefront during lockdown time together with your spouse/partner that you wish to discuss in confidence, please feel free to call us. At Price Slater Gawne we understand that it can be very difficult to make the decision to bring a relationship to an end, yet our expert solicitors have over 50 years of combined experience and can provide the help and advise you might need to make a start on the future you deserve.

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