Record Numbers of UK Veterans from Afghanistan Seeking Mental Health Treatment

Combat Stress a charity who treats and supports members of the armed forces who suffer mental health problems has announced a significant increase in the number of veterans approaching them for help.

Combat Stress received 358 new veteran referrals from the Afghanistan conflict in 2013. This was a 57% rise on the number in 2012. Overall the charity is currently supporting 660 veterans from this conflict alone. Fears are that the numbers will swell further as the troops prepare to leave Afghanistan.

Traditionally it could take years for veterans to realise they are ill and longer still for them to seek help. It is thought that as awareness of psychological problems and mental health problems grows and the stigma that is wrongly attached to it diminishes then more veterans are coming forward for treatment and support.

Post traumatic stress disorder, adjustment disorder, alcohol or substance dependence, anxiety and depression can have devastating effects on sufferers as well as their family and friends and they affect every aspect of their lives. Identifying that there is a problem is the key.

If you or a loved one is in the forces or is a veteran and you do not believe that you have been treated properly for psychological problems then contact us. We have represented veterans for many years that have asked for psychological help and not received it. We have brought successful claim for many which has lead to them receiving compensation for their injuries as well as money for treatment.

Although there have been great advances in this area, inside the forces and outsides there are still problems with diagnosis and treatment. If you want to discuss a possible claim for medical negligence in the armed forces then ring or email us in total confidence.