Nicola Chadbond joins Price Slater Gawne this month as the firm continues to expand. Costs law like all other areas of law is led by statute, court procedure rules and previous case law. It is a specialism in it own right. It is crucial to firms who carry out litigation such as Price Slater Gawne. It is an area the public do not hear much about in its true form.

From the very start of a case a lawyer has to forecast how much the costs of that case will be. As the case progresss the courts will want to see costs estimates, they will approve the costs of the case in advance and ensure that they are being adhered to so that the costs stay controlled. This form of budgetting befalls to the costs lawyer as well the lawyer who is conducting the case. There are penalties for getting these estimates wrong and for exceeding agreed & approved budgets.

The costs are reviewed periodically. In some cases the costs projections can be revised if, for example, unexpected evidence appears or new issues arise.

Once a case settles or the trial concludes the solicitor’s file is taken by the costs department and a bill is then drafted. The bill is then served on the paying party. Drafting the bill and then negotiating settlement or attending Court to have the bill assessed by a judge requires skill, experience and knowledge.

The process protects paying parties from having to pay too much and assists the receiving parties to obtain the monies they are entitled to. The courts rely on the costs lawyers every day. They have a crucial role in legal services work.

Nicola is an experienced costs negotiator. We look forward to welcoming her to our team and developing Price Slater Gawne’s costs department for the future.

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