Protecting those who protect us

In the UK, we are fortunate that in the event of an emergency, whether it be fire, health related or law and order, we can dial 999 and have an emergency service respond who can offer immediate assistance. Each and every day, these teams come face to face with danger whilst in the line of duty, ensuring the wellbeing and safety of the public.

Sadly, an astonishing number of emergency services personnel are assaulted each day. In fact, it has been reported that in England and Wales, there were over 26,000 assaults against police officers and 17,000 against NHS staff in the last year alone. – Assaults against the people who act each day to protect the public.

Due to the significant number of personnel who are assaulted, a new law has been introduced which will see the maximum prison sentence double for assault against an emergency services employees and also stronger penalties put in place for other offences against them also.

Victoria Price, Head of Personal Injury commented:

“In November, tougher sentences for assault against emergency staff will come into force. The purpose is to punish offenders and to send out a clear message to the public and especially to the emergency services that they are supported and protected.  it is likely that sentences for more serious offences such as sexual assault or GBH on emergency services personnel will be dealt with heavily by the Courts as well.

Emergency services staff provide services that are crucial for any society.  They save lives and enhance the well being of us all. Whether they are inflicted with minor injuries or severe injuries their professional and personal lives can be ruined and this affects us all.”

We are very proud of our strong ties with the emergency services and the successful outcomes we have achieved for them over the years.

If you work for the police, ambulance service, in the NHS or private medical sector, the fire service or prison officer and you have been assaulted at work, contact us on 0161 615 5554 or by visiting our Altrincham offices. We offer special rates to all of the emergency services and the prison service, and we too will do what we can to support you and the crucial work you do.