Price Slater Gawne successfully challenged the CICAs decision not to award compensation to the victim of sustained harassment. Our client, along with her children, suffered for 5 years from harrassment from youths in her local area. The abuse took the form of physical assaults against her, her children and her pets, threats to injure her and damage her property, actual damage to her property, including having lit fireworks put through her letterbox and stones thrown at her windows. Her children were too frightened to leave the house. She had to call the police on numerous occasions. Our client developed PTSD which has affected her life and her children. The children’s education was affected. In the end they were re- housed some miles away.

The CICA objected to the case on the grounds that our client and her family had not been the victims of crimes of violence. At a recent appeal hearing Price Slater Gawne were able to prove that the claim does fall within the scheme’s rules.

The panel decided to make an interim award of £16,000.00 pending medical treatment and further reports. An award of £2,500.00 was made for private psychological treatment. This means that our client will be able to get the help she desperately needs.

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