Price Slater Gawne supports letter to Justice Secretary David Gauke

Child sexual abuse and exploitation is on the increase – all over the U.K.

Reports of child sexual abuse and exploitation are high profile in the UK. Over 54,000 sexual offences were recorded against children in 2015/16. High numbers of victims who have not disclosed their abuse need to be added to this as well.

Survivors need the greatest level of support to help them to recover and rebuild their futures.

One way we can help is to apply for money for survivors to an organisation called the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICA Scheme). This Government scheme provides compensation for people who have suffered mental, physical and sexual violence. At PSG we have helped hundreds of survivors to claim monies to help with their recovery.

One area that the CICA has to start to focus on now is to change its approach to historic sexual violence and child sexual exploitation, for females and males. The approach is dated and does not reflect the way in which sexual and organised crime is developing in the UK.

MPs Sarah Champion and Iain Stewart and charities such as NWG, Liberty, Barnados, Victim Support and Rape Crises have written to Justice Secretary David Gauke  outlining the need for an essential review of its approach including these key areas:

  • Compensation must be automatically paid to victims who were under 13 at the time of the abuse
  • Compensation must be paid out automatically of there is a conviction for the reported crime
  • Compensation must be paid out for claims before the 1970s where the abuser lived in the same house as the survivor.
  • The definition of a crime of violence must include grooming and online sexual exploitation

PSG is in full support of these proposals. Vicky Price who heads up the CICA department says:

“We have won claims that were refused on the grounds set out above but they should not have been rejected in the first place. The CICA must acknowledge and address the real life effects of modern day sexual crimes. CSE is real. It happens every day in our streets. The CICA must get to grips with this and make sure that innocent victims are compensated. They are entitled to this money – just as much as anyone – and they need it to help to rebuild their lives and recover the chances they have lost, get medical treatment, pay for study, find somewhere to live, to do basic things others take for granted. ”

At PSG we are experienced in trauma. We understand how devastating life events can be for survivors and their families. We will do whatever we can to support you and your loved ones through the process.

If you would like to arrange to speak in confidence to a member of the PSG team in confidence regarding a CICA claim, please contact us on 0161 6155554 or email