What will happen to my pets when I die?

Have you ever considered what will happen to your furry friends when you eventually pass away or become incapacitated to a stage where you can no longer care for them yourself?

We consider our pets to be our babies. They’re part of the family.

Yet as odd as it may seem, when it comes to the law they’re actually classed as ‘property’. As such, they will become part of your estate when you die along with all of your other assets.

Who will inherit my estate if I die without a Will?
Who will inherit my estate if I die without having a valid Will in place?

Should you pass away or lose the capacity to make your own decisions without having provided specific instructions in a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney on how you wish for your pets to be cared for, you may find that someone ends up looking after them in a way that completely contradicts your wishes.

Here at Price Slater Gawne, we’ve developed the perfect solution to give peace-of-mind to even the most veracious animal lovers.

Our tailored Pet Inclusive Wills and Lasting Power of Attorneys give you the opportunity to plan your own future alongside that of your pets. These legally binding documents allow you to fully document your personal wishes, whilst also ensuring that your executor or attorney understands all of those key details about your beloved animals such as:

  • Which brand of food/treats they like
  • How often they need feeding/walking/grooming
  • Which vet/kennels/daycare centre they’re used to attending
  • What sort of toys they like to play with
  • Details of any medication they regularly take

pet inclusive wills LPAsThis means there’ll be no more guess-work for your attorney or friends and family and a lot less stress for you; leading to a more seamless transition for your pets with lots of love and licks in return … exactly how it should be!

To speak to one of our solicitors about our Pet Inclusive Wills and LPA’s, call us today on 0161 615 5554, by email to info@psg-law.co.uk.

If you’ve already made a will or have a LPA in place but you’ve not yet included your pet, contact us today to discuss having them added them in.