It’s not too late but don’t leave it too late…

You can claim compensation for abuse even though it happened years ago and the perpetrator has died.

Sometimes historic abuse is hidden and covered up for years and years. That does not mean that it has been forgotten.

Aston Hall Hospital in Derbyshire was a Hospital who took in children, young people and some adults with mental health problems. It opened in the 1920s and closed in the 1990s.

Dr Kenneth Milner was the doctor in charge between 1947 to the 1970s and he ran a team of staff there.

Allegations came to light in 2011, 2014 and 2015 that the patients in his care had been drugged with ‘truth drug’, physically, mentally and sexually abused and “experimented on”. Reports from ex-patients were made to Derbyshire Police and other forces and in February 2016 the Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Board began to investigate the allegations as well.

115 witness statements from 65 alleged victims have been gathered. The Police have said that it would be too impractical to try to track down all of the staff that worked there during those years, many of whom will no doubt be dead now. However what the police have said is that if Milner was still alive he would have been questioned about these allegations. Milner died in 1975.

Victoria Price, trauma specialist from Price Slater Gawne has been watching this process unfold “The point the police are making is that these allegations carry enough weight to question him i.e. that it is likely that there is truth in these allegations. The complainants are being believed and this is significant for them personally. – For the truth to be out in the open.

The fact there will be no criminal prosecution is very disappointing but the complainants must not stop there. There are other avenues open to those who were brave enough to come forward. They can get help and support from specialist child abuse medical practitioners, charities and support groups and they can also get help from the courts by bringing claims for compensation for the harm that has been done to them.

Compensation will not repair the damage that has been done and it never will” says Victoria “but it can mean that money is made available for private psychological therapy or for new accommodation or studying or re-training or even a holiday.

Compensation is Society’s only way of acknowledging that innocent children have been harmed and crimes were committed against them. It is worth pursuing this to see what is available and what help can sought. People need to be aware though that there are time limits so they must not delay. Now that the report has been published it is time for them to move on this”.

If this article has struck a chord with you and you wish to have a free, confidential talk about bringing a claim then please contact us – whether you were a patient at Aston Hall or whether you had similar experiences as a child or young person. We are able to talk to you out of office hours if you prefer and we will come out to see you if that will help, too. Make your enquiry today. We are here to help. 0161 615 5554