New Years Resolutions – What Will 2019 Bring?

As we return to work this January, many of us will be making plans for the year ahead, filling diaries with important dates and making arrangements to fulfil those all important new years resolutions.

New health and fitness regimes become a priority for some people. For others, thoughts turn to their dreams and ambitions for the year ahead– travelling, social events, ticking off a bucket list.

Many people have resolutions with a much more significant, longer term focus and involve planning for the future, falling ill, death and putting their financial affairs in order. They plan for the expected and the unexpected when and if it happens.

What is important to consider when planning for the future?

There are two key items to consider when planning for the future; the first is a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). The second is making a will.

A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to nominate people that you trust to make decisions in relation to your property, finances, health and welfare matters, if you become unable to do so yourself. – It is important to note that without these documents in place, there is no automatic legal right for your next of kin or other family member to make these decisions or act on your behalf.

In addition to identifying the people you want to manage your affairs, you can leave instructions for your attorneys to follow, providing guidance regarding how you want your matters to be dealt with. Creating a detailed LPA therefore provides peace of mind that someone that you trust and chose is able to look after your affairs in line with your wishes.

The second element of planning for the future is putting in place a Will.

Whilst it may seem uncomfortable to consider a time when you are no longer here, setting out your wishes in a will is vital to ensure that your loved ones are able to act in line with what you would want to happen and that they are not faced with uncertainty that the decisions they make are incorrect.

In addition to outlining what you would want to happen regarding the distribution of your estate and cherished possessions, a Will will also provide details regarding funeral arrangements and for those with children under 18, arrangements for guardianship.

Make sure your affairs are in order for 2019 and the years ahead. Make an appointment to discuss making a Will or Lasting Powers of Attorney with us. Contact a member of the Price Slater Gawne team today on 0161 615 5544 and get the resolutions under way today.