Negligent treatment resulting in PTSD

Mr K sustained a tri-malleolar fracture to the right ankle requiring internal fixation.

He was reviewed post operatively and an x-ray revealed that the medial screw (metalwork) inserted was long and penetrating through the syndesmosis (the joint between two bones linked by ligaments and membrane). He underwent further surgery to change the screw and unfortunately suffered a reaction, thought to be an anaphylactic shock.

Mr K required ITU care for two days and was later fully discharged from hospital. Mr K had a poor orthopaedic outcome but this was due to the initial non negligent injury rather than the incorrect screw or delay.

Our psychologist expert diagnosed PTSD as a result of the anaphylactic reaction and need for intensive care. The defendant disputed the cause of the PTSD and suspected external factors were the cause.

A settlement was reached in which Mr K received payment of damages.