Negligent treatment of a skin condition

Mr D had a flare up of his psoriasis and attended his GP a number of times. He was prescribed creams and steroids none of which worked.

The GP prescribed Dithranol cream 2% strength with instructions to apply to his whole body/skin daily avoiding face and hair and to leave the cream for one hour each time before washing it off.

He applied the cream as advised, leaving it on for one hour before washing it off. He went to bed shortly afterwards. When he woke the following morning, his skin was very red and sore and felt very hot like it was burning.

Mr D attended hospital. He was noted to have sustained extensive superficial burns following Dithranol 2% cream. Mr D was discharged with advice to use cooling cream.

Mr D required input from the burns and plastics department as well as UV treatment to assist recovery.  He now has permanent round/oval shaped hypo-pigmented skin patches dotted across his abdomen and limbs. Those patches are paler than the other areas of skin and do not tan.  Mr D is extremely self conscious of his physical appearance.

The Letter of Response contained partial admissions of breach but the defendant reserved their position on causation. We finalised our Condition & Prognosis evidence. Protective proceedings were issued, pleadings served, defence filed with partial admissions of breach and causation. We were able to supply photographs Mr D had taken of his skin the day before the cream was applied, the day after applying the cream and in the days thereafter evidencing how the blistering and skin damage developed. Our client benefitted from evidence from an expert in skin camouflage on methods and costs of disguising the skin blemishes.

Settlement negotiations commenced and Mr D received financial damages.