Negligent Surgery

This case involved our client claiming against Consultant Gynaecologist; Miss Cockburn for negligent treatment at Frimley Park Hospital between 2008 and 2011.

Over a three year period, our Client, Ms X endured six operations to treat what had started as a moderate gynaecological problem. Tragically, this treatment left Ms X with incontinence, extensive and chronic pain and depression. In addition, she was no longer able to have sexual intercourse.

At the time of the treatment Ms X thought she had been very unfortunate but in 2014 she received a letter from the Trust responsible for the hospital informing her that it had cause to undertake a clinical review of the uro-gynaecological operations and procedures undertaken by Miss Cockburn. She was invited in to have her care and treatment reviewed. Following the review and as a consequence of what she learnt in that meeting, she contacted Price Slate Gawne for advice.

We took the case on. There was correspondence that had been sent by the Trust to Ms X in which it was acknowledged she had suffered severe harm because of Miss Cockburn’s actions. We therefore invited the Trust to make a full and formal admission that this had happened. The Trust would not do this and so Ms X was obliged to gather evidence to prove her claim.

In September 2016 a partial admission was made by The Trust. We were able to secure an interim payment of damages for her, whilst we continued to gather evidence on the full value of the claim.

An offer to settle was received in December 2016. After careful consideration with Ms X the offer was rejected. It was not enough.

Due to the nature and extent of Ms X’s injuries the input of medical experts in six separate disciplines was required to explore and report on the extent of her pain and suffering and to identify what treatment might be available to help her overcome those difficulties.

When that evidence was made available to the Trust eight months later, an increased – six figure offer – (more than double the previous offer) was made. This was accepted.

Whilst no amount of money will rectify the impact the negligent treatment had on Ms X’s life or the ongoing pain she experiences, this has alleviated the financial stress that she was facing. As a result of the settlement, Ms X has also been able to make some changes to her living conditions to facilitate her comfort and alleviate the pain she is in whilst at home.