Modern Slavery – Spot the signs

The National Crime Agency (NCA) for England and Wales has reported that in 2018, it handled nearly 2,000 cases of children being unlawfully forced in to work and in excess of 600 cases of child sexual exploitation.

These startling figures are however only part of a much bigger picture, in which nearly 7,000 people were reported to the NCA as suspected victims of modern slavery.

It is suspected that whilst these figures represent an 80% increase in cases compared to 2 years before, that they are in fact only a percentage of the actual incidences of modern slavery. – It is likely to be a much wider issue.

How to spot the signs of modern slavery

Whilst it is difficult to identify whether a person is a victim of slavery, some signs to look out for include:

  • Unkempt or uneasy appearance
  • Physical injuries and malnourishment
  • Movements restricted by others including a potential lack of knowledge and awareness of the local area in which the person lives / works
  • Concern in relation to communicating with others

Whilst these are common signs of modern slavery, each individual case differs and the circumstances in which the victim finds themselves will differ.

If you have concerns that somebody is the victim of modern slavery, this should be reported to the Modern Slavery helpline on 0800 0121 700. If however, you suspect that the person involved is in immediate danger, this should be reported to the Police on 999.

Victoria Price, Head of Personal Injury commented:

“In the UK, there are children as young as 12 who have become victims of modern slavery and exploitation.

Vulnerable individuals, migrant workers and children are being entrapped by criminal gangs and being forced into work, including the trafficking of drugs from large cities into more rural areas, working without pay to clear ‘debts’ and prostitution. – These are just some examples of the wide ranging types of slavery occurring.

Whilst those who have become victim of this crime may feel that there is no way out, there is help available via the numerous helplines, the Police and charities”.

If you have been the victim of modern slavery and exploitation, Price Slater Gawne can assist in making a claim for compensation, allowing you to access additional support to overcome the physical and psychological injuries you have sustained. If you would like to arrange a no-obligation, confidential conversation with our specialist solicitor; Victoria Price, please contact 07792 952458 or email today. We can arrange an appointment at a location convenient to you.